About Me


Tiancheng Sun 孙天成

PhD student at UCSD CSE department
Advisor: Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi
Research Interests: Computer graphics, computational photography.

Undergraduate: Yao Class, Tsinghua University
Email: kevin.kingo0627 (at) gmail (dot) com


Software engineering intern @ Google  2018.6 - 2018.9
Computational photography research at Google Research with Yun-Ta Tsai and Jonathan Barron.

Research assistant @ Tsinghua University  2017.2 - 2017.6
Computational display research at State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments with Professor Huarong Gu: we built a 3d volumetric display used light field display and pellicle pyramid.

Research intern @ Universidad de Zaragoza  2016.7 - 2016.10
Computer graphic research at Graphics and Imaging Lab with Professor Diego Gutierrez and Belen Masia: we proposed a new framework for material appearance evaluation, and implemented material editing applications with user-friendlier interface and higher editing capability.

Research intern @ King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  2016.2 - 2016.6
Computational imaging research at Visual Computing Center with Professor Wolfgang Heidrich: we worked on a new approach for image deconvolution, and yielded state-of-the-art results in different optical systems.

Research assistant @ Tsinghua University  2015.12 - 2016.2
Neural network research at State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems with Professor Xiaolin Hu: we proposed a new neural network structure and its corresponding training procedure for image style recognition.

Executive council member @ Tsinghua Spark Program  2015.9 - now
Organize and plan activities such as Spark Talks and Industrial Field Trips in the program.

Technical leader @ Phantouch Technology  2015.9 - 2015.12
Led a developing group for pose detection of virtual-reality devices.

Research intern @ Megvii Inc.  2015.4 - 2015.9
Built a 3d model scanner for human faces based on phase-shift technique.


Tiancheng Sun, Henrik Wann Jensen, Ravi Ramamoorthi. Connecting Measured BRDFs to Analytic BRDFs by Data-Driven Diffuse-Specular Separation. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 37.6 (2018): 273.

Tiancheng Sun, Huarong Gu. Study on Three-Dimensional Display Technology Based on Multi-Layer Semitransparent Thin Film. ACTA OPTICA SINICA (Volume: 38, No. 3, Mar. 2018).

Tiancheng Sun, Yifan (Evan) Peng, Wolfgang Heidrich. Revisiting Cross-channel Information Transfer for Chromatic Aberration Correction. The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 3248-3256.

Tiancheng Sun, Ana Serrano, Diego Gutierrez, Belen Masia. Attribute‐preserving gamut mapping of measured BRDFs. Computer Graphics Forum 36 (4), 47-54.

Tiancheng Sun, Yulong Wang, Jian Yang, and Xiaolin Hu. Convolution Neural Networks with Two Pathways for Image Style Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (Volume: 26, Issue: 9, Sept. 2017).